Medical Negligence, The Third Leading Reason For Death In The United States –

It is a surprising fact that the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States of America is medical malpractice. Mistakes created by people in the medical community that are preventable lead to approximately 100,000 premature deaths annually. And thousands more are seriously injured as a result of negligence of a doctor, nurse, nursing assistant, pharmacist, or other professional that they trusted to take care of them. When medical professionals make some mistakes, they’re held accountable under law for the mistake. If you reside in the California area and wish to file a compensation claim against a negligent medical service provider, a medical malpractice attorney can fight for you to help you receive the monetary compensation you are due.

Medical malpractice is defined under law as the deviation of accepted standard care that leads to injury or death. Most medical malpractice cases never get filed. Medical malpractice takes many forms, such as:

• Injuries which happen during the birthing process, like oxygen deprivation

• Complications from surgery

• Complications that arise as a result of anesthesia

• Being dispensed an incorrect medicine or being given a different patient’s medicine

• Not carrying out a patient’s living will or advance directive order

• Failing to follow-up on a patient’s condition

• Failing to obtain informed consent from the patient

• Failing to deliver treatment

• Failing to protect patient from falls within a hospital setting

• Improper treatment

• Not correctly diagnosing a disease or not diagnosing a disease within an appropriate period of time

• Mishandling of any medicines

• Performing treatments or surgeries which are medically unnecessary

• Prescription errors

These are simply some of the types of medical malpractice which you as a patient might undergo. It is vital that you act immediately to maintain your rights when you or possibly a loved one has become a victim of some type of medical negligence which has led to injury or death. It is possible that you’re entitled to compensation that will cover your pain and suffering, any time lost from work, your medical expenses, and your future medical costs.

Your rights will be protected by a medical malpractice attorney. A knowledgeable attorney will fight the big insurance providers which are representing medical professionals and speak on your behalf against them whenever they would like your claim to be settled for pennies on the dollar. Medical experts and healthcare providers have lawyers spending so much time for their side to prevent admitting liability and being penalized monetarily for any mistakes that they make. That is why it is necessary that the victims of medical negligence be represented by experienced and knowledgeable medical malpractice attorneys who’re seasoned in the courtroom when it comes to effecting justice for their clients and helping them obtain the monetary awards which are due them.

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