Medical Malpractice Lawyers File HIV Lawsuits

Medical malpractice lawyers respond to medical negligence that a person is suffering especially those that have been misdiagnosed with HIV. Human Immunodeficiency Virus cases around the world are increasing each year and being diagnosed with it can be traumatic. It can create a psychological impact to the person particularly in his/her self esteem as well as self image. However, there are cases wherein the person receiving HIV treatments for a longer period of time has been found to be negative on several HIV tests. This may give hope to the person but it has already inflicted moral damages to him/her. Hence, seeking the advice of a medical malpractice lawyer can be a great help to file a case against the doctors and other health professionals who have misdiagnosed such person.

Medical malpractice lawyers will assess the case; study the medical records and research every detail that can support the negligence of the health care professionals. They will be the advocate for a person who has suffered the consequences of misdiagnosis. Any lawsuit will not guarantee success but in order to win the case for misdiagnosis, the attorney needs to prove in the court that there are errors that took place during the HIV screening. The Medical Malpractice Lawyers will definitely question the medical doctors about the reason why they have wrongly interpreted the diagnosis and why they have given HIV treatment for a person who has not acquired the disease at all. Apart from the emotional distress that it brought to the claimant, it has also triggered physical conditions such as depression, loss of appetite, chronic fatigue, inflammation of the intestines and many others. This is mainly due to the effects of prescription drugs that were given.

Being diagnosed with HIV is not a joke and it can even cause public humiliation, relationship breakup and behavioural changes. This kind of negligence is common these days. In fact, there have been several HIV patients who had negative results after years of carrying this particular diagnosis. Doctors often claim that the disease has a tendency to become dormant, giving the person a negative result upon re-screening. However, they should face the charges that will be held against them. Although the trial will need further research and time, the claimant and the defendant need to meet for the criminal proceedings. If the medical doctors are found guilty for not giving the right diagnosis, they have to pay the damages that were created. Their license as a doctor will also be revoked and they will not be allowed to practice their profession for a specified number of years.

The entire lawsuit will depend on how the medical malpractice lawyers defended their client’s side and the strong evidences they have gathered. They should properly present it to the court in order to show the negligence that has caused the moral and physical damages. Even though there is no certainty whether the case will be a success or not, these law professionals will do their best to attain the justice that their client is seeking.

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